10k: Luxury eXpress: 2000 Lexus LX470

In 1995 Toyota introduced their first Luxury SUV model with the Lexus emblem on the front.  The LX was the mother of all Lexus family hauling machines, but behind the badge and cladding was the legendary Land Cruiser. The LX sold well enough to soccer moms all over the USA that Lexus subsequently launched a range of luxury SUVs with names like RX and GX that have been terrorizing freeways with random child swatting lane changes ever since.  Anyway, if you own a gas station and enjoy don’t mind deforesting the earth, the LX is the one to get and prices on the second generation example are reasonable.  Find this 2000 Lexus LX470 offered for $13,900 buy-it-now or best offer via ebay, located in Miami, FL.

The 2nd-gen LX is based on the 8th-gen “100 Series” Cruiser; the UZJ100 to be exact since it uses the 2UZ-FE engine. It was the first generation of
Crusher to ditch the solid front axle and join the 1930s with IFS.  The Lexus version attempts to disguise its Toyota upbringing with some body cladding, unique front styling, and leather seats, but it can still climb mountains with the best of them.

Under the hood is the iron block (but alloy heads) 2UZ-FE, a 4.7 liter V8 that puts out 230 horsepower and 270 ft-lbs of torque.  It won’t be a thrilling delight of power and speed, but it puts out plenty of torque for basic commuting and towing duties — plus it’ll last for eons with basic maintenance. 

The inside of the LX is very nice, leather, high end plastics and (faux?) wood coveres every surface.  The LX added driver comfort and luxury to the Land Cruiser utility…making it more of a Sport Luxury Vehicle than an SUV, at least in terms of the marketing and targeted customer demographic.

But 14 years later a 100 Series Cruiser (wearing either a T or an L badge) is an amazingly capable and depreciated offroader despite the upscale wrapper it was packaged in. Ditch the running boards and highway tires, install a mild lift kit and some All Terrains, and you have a go-anywhere Crusher with the reliability of a Corolla and the comfort of an LS.

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