10k: Long Wheelbase V12: 2005 BMW 760Li

Whenever you mention a V12s powerdd luxury sedans,the iconic Mercedez-Benz S-Class springs to mind, but don’t forget that BMW started putting V12 power plants into their 7-series way back in 1987 and you can still get a V12 in a 7-series today…but you won’t want to drop that kind of cash on a car even if you are a Rockefeller.  Certainly not when the used ones are almost free.  Save yourself some cash and buy this 2005 BMW 760Li currently bidding for $7,600 here on eBay located in Waterbury, CT with 1 days to go.

The fourth generation BMW 7-series was launch in 2001 with the E65 generation, complete with a giant Bangle-butt trunk styling and the universally despised iDrive navigation control system.  The Adrian Van Hooydonk design is actually starting to grow on me, perhaps because the next generation looks like a Hyundai.

Power in the 760 model comes from a 6.0 liter V12 that puts out a healthy 439 horsepower and 442 ft-lbs of torque.  The 5886 lb long wheelbase monster will reach 60mph dispatched in 5.4 seconds and keep accelerating until it reaches a governed 155 mph top speed.

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