10k: Injected Roundie: 1973 BMW 2002Tii

The BMW 2002 Tii is rapidly becoming a collector car only able to fit into the budget of the wealthy car collector.  We’ve seen examples go for as much as $30k and it is strange because the Tii is only marginally faster/better/rarer than the basic 2002 and those are dime-a-dozen built in the millions.  Regardless, it is still refreshing to see a good Tii for sale at a reasonable price.  Find this 1973 BMW 2002 Tii for sale in LA Area, CA for $11,000 via craigslist.

This BMW New Class is offered in a nice vintage shade of blue/green that looks good to our eyes – not something you see on modern cars, but it works really well with the 2002’s amber turn signal lenses.  Paint quality/condition is hard to tell from photos in this ad and the seller provides little additional details.

This 2002 is powered by the 130 horsepower 2.0 liter inline-4 cylinder fuel-injected engine and this one looks to have an aftermarket cold air intake and probably makes a few more horsepower than stock.

A quick peek inside shows a somewhat dilapidated interior, but at least there is no automatic transmission shifter or some other aberration.  

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