10k: Garagistic BMW E30 V8 Now On Ebay With New Photos

The Garagistic BMW E30 with an M60 V8 that we featured on our site in February here, is now on ebay via a no-reserve auction.  The ebay ad has some additional photos and the car still looks like the best way to have fun in the front seat of a BMW 3-series.  The car is located in Costa Mesa, CA and bidding is currently at $10,000 with 6 days to go.

This car is such a unique sleeper and we think that the current bidding price is testament to how a good ebay advertisement can bring a huge price difference over a poor craigslist ad.  In fact, we first assumed this was a flipper who had purchased the car and was selling for a profit until we noticed the ebay seller id is garagistic30.

Can you find a better sleeper on the internet for $10k?  We can’t.  tips@dailyturismo.com