10k Flash: 1990 Nissan 300ZX w/VH45 V8 Swap

The Z32 generation Nissan Z was available with a natuarally aspirated or turbocharged V6 – which while fast and fun, is lacking the aural charm and off-the-line torque of a big V8.  Thankfully, lunatics with spare time and access to power tools have given us the ability to buy a used 300ZX with an Infiniti Q45 V8 shoehorned into the front, such as this 1990 Nissan 300ZX w/ VH45 V8 swap for sale in Danbury, CT, currently selling on ebay for $10,850 buy-it-now.

This Nissan 300ZX has lived a long life and currently has 173k miles on the chassis and sports some aftermarket front fascia and grille parts.

The Nissan VH45 engine shoved into the front is from a 1990-1996 G50 platform Q45.  It is a 4.5 liter all-alloy DOHC V8 that puts out 276 horsepower and does a fantastic impersonation of a transverse mounted engine, but it’s just a longitudinal V8 with an oddly shaped intake manifold.

Although the ad doesn’t specify, this car looks to be equipped with a manual transmission, probably the original trans mounted to the stock V6.

While we do like this car, the asking price is a bit optimistic – if it was more stock in appearance and had 100k less miles, it may be able to pull $10k, but as is it better be really well sorted for this kind of asking price.

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