10k: Fast Forward Ctrl: 1966 Ford Econoline Falcon Travel Wagon; Original Paint

The first generation Ford Econoline Van was badged as the Falcon Travel Wagon from Ford when equipped as pop-up-tent equipped mini-motor home.  It was the V8 sized Ford similar to the Chevy’s flat-6 Corvair Greenbrier Sportswagon and the VW flat-4 Type 2 Transporter.  Today’s example comes in one of our favorite configurations for a classic driver, restored/updated mechanicals with factory paint.  Find this 1966 Ford Econoline Falcon Travel Wagon for sale in Charlotte, NC for $9999 via craigslist. (update – we originally called this a Econoline Falcon Club Wagon, but it looks to be the rare Travel Wagon version, complete with pop-up camper action!)

The Econoline used a forward control configuration – with the driver seated on top of the front axle and ahead of the engine/transmission.  High and floaty, the Econoline isn’t what anyone would call sporty, but the inexpensive upgradability of the Ford 289/302 small block makes it a much quicker hillclimber than the a Type 2 or Greenbrier.  This Wagon is equipped in what looks like Ford Tahoe Turquoise (U-code) paint that the seller calls “Factory paint.”  We hope he means the original Ford factory paint and not “just came from the Earl Scheib factory a few months ago.”  Factory paint means that you won’t have to deal with shoddy body work, ill-applied multi-stage nastiness, paint that starts to flake the minute you get home, etc and this value is transferable to the next guy.

While we like factory paint/body/interior condition the same doesn’t always apply to the mechanical parts, as 50 year old engines weren’t particularly well engineered to begin with and bushings/mounts/rubber parts will always need regular refreshing.  On the plus side the seller lists a number of “new” parts in the build and even the Fox Mustang wheels look decent on the car.  This is being offered at the top of the market for a driver Econoline Van, but the combination of original paint and refreshed parts makes it a tempting family truckster.  The alternative for a large 6+ family hauler is a 5 year old Honda Odyssey and nobody wants that…

It looks like a very nice Econoline Travel Wagon sold at Barrett-Jackson auctions for $17,800 in 2007 making this one at $10k a potential bargain.

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