10k: E36V8: 1995 BMW 325is With Ford 5.0 V8

The E36 generation BMW 3-series is one of the better handling cars you can pick up for cheap and the chassis makes an excellent starting point for a hot rod.  We’ve seen a number of GM/LSX powered E36s, but the Ford enthusiasts would do something silly like use the 5.0 V8 to create the ultimate low buck E36V8.  Find this 1995 BMW 325is with Ford 5.0 V8 in an undisclosed location, offered for $11,400 via pelicanparts forums.  Tip from David K.

This E36 325is is wearing the body kit pieces and wheels from an M3 coupe, along with a few gaudy M-colored stripes on its newly applied Midnight Montreal Blue paint.  It looks good in the photos, but new paint is a reason for concern and a thorough in-person inspection for proper masking and paint application is essential.  

Expect something in excess of 350 horsepower from the modified 5.0 liter V8, but the real question is how are you going to get this to pass smog?  See a cheaper V8 swapped Bimmer?  tips@dailyturismo.com