10k: Crown Jewel: 1970 Toyota Corona Sedan

 The Toyota Corona was the bottom of the line for Toyota’s North American lineup until 1969 when the Corolla was introduced.  That doesn’t mean that the Corona is a bad car, just that it was a compact and not equipped with a bunch of power options…but for a Japanese classic this isn’t bad because it means less stuff to break.  Find this 1970 Toyota Corona Sedan offered for $8,600 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

 This Corona is in extremely nice condition compared to all of the other Coronas you will find for sale.  The Corona isn’t collectible or designed by a generation of folks like many other cars from the early 70s, so a 3 standard deviations above the mean example like this one doesn’t require a bankers salary to afford.

The seller does say that the car is restored, which is different from a car that is original and preserved…but even if you left a Corona in an air conditioned garage for 50 years it would probably still rust and fall to pieces…so a restored one is the way to go.

The Corona is powered by a 8R, a 1.9 liter inline4 that is carburettor fed and rated at around 110 horsepower and 113 ft-lbs of torque.  With only 2100 lbs to move around the Corona won’t be as slow as you might expect, but with the slushbox you will need to plan any passing moves well in advance.

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