10k: Cone Bowlin: 1967 MG MGB Vintage Racer

Anne Boleyn was executed exactly 478 years ago today, mostly because she gave birth to a baby girl instead of the male heir that Henry VIII so desperately wanted.  Ironically enough, the daughter from her 3 year marriage to Henry was Elizabeth I, future queen of England who re-instituted Protestantism in the Church of England forever sealing the fate of English Christianity.  Out of all 6 of Henry’s wives, Anne Boleyn was his first foray into marrying his mistresses and she was known to be sharp and aggressive, great traits in a mistress, not so much for the wife of an egomaniac monarch.  In automotive terms, Anne was a track car, something great for a ride on the weekends, sleek, sharp in steering, loud, fantastic on the brakes, but entirely too harsh and unlivable for everyday life.  After three years of daily driving it, you might just want to chop off its head….like this 1967 MG MGB Vintage Racer currently bidding for $2025 reserve-not-met and $11,900 BIN on ebay with 2 days to go, located in Bell, CA.

This 1967 MGB has been thoroughly transformed from a basic British roadster to a monster on the track.  All fenders are fiberglass as well as the hood and trunk — little is left from the Morris Garages factory in England.

Under the hood is a built 1.8 liter BMC B-series engine, but the seller leaves out all the details of the build including when it was last rebuilt, and the specs of the ciritcal components (head, cam, pistons, intake/exhaust etc).  It sounds like a beast on the sellers youtube video, but some specs would be great.

The seller includes a link to a youtube video that shows the car in what looks/sounds a leisurely run around an autocross track, but sometimes the runs that look the slowest are the fastest…no idea if the guy behind the wheel is a pro or hack – and it really doesn’t matter.

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