10k: Clean XJ: 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport

The XJ generation Jeep Cherokee defined a new standard in compact sport utility vehicles.  It was a capable off roader that eschewed body-on-frame roughness for a unibody chassis that gave it relatively good fuel economy and good road manners.  Naturally, every weekend warrior, little league dad, and soccer mom wanted one and even the US postal service got a version with right-hand drive for delivery routes.  Find this 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport here on eBay currently bidding for $9,301 with 4 days to go, located in Woodbury, NJ.

The XJ was  sold in North America from 1984 through 2001, so this car fits right into the paradigm of always buying the best of a particular generation.  If the car hasn’t been through some massive and hideous cosmetic upgrade, the last cars to leave the assembly line will benefit from years of manufacturing and voice of the customer improvements that should translate directly into durability. 

The engine in this Cherokee is a 4.0 liter AMC inline-6 fed via Chrysler multi point fuel injection and rated at 193 horsepower and 231 ft-lbs of torque in “high output” spec.  It isn’t a thrilling engine, but the big inline-6 will produce smooth torque at idle speeds and last for decades.

Most Cherokees have been beaten to a pulp over the years, but this one has only 72k miles and  had one-owner for most of its life, before the current seller picked it up for resale. 

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