10k: Cheap Hauler: 1969 Peterbilt Semi Truck with 1958 Two Car Stacking Trailer

 It is always fun to take your street car to a track event, but it generally isn’t a good idea.  Racing accidents, tire wear and comfort/speed tradeoffs inevitably lead to the conclusion that you need a dedicated race car…but now you need a place to store it, a way to haul it to the track…etc.  Those costs can be significant, so why not save the money for racing parts by buying a cheap used hauler.  Find this 1969 Peterbilt Semi Truck with 1958 Two Car Stacker offered for $12,500 in Alameda, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.

This hauler was used by Dan Gallant Racing in Oakland, CA to haul vintage race cars to various events.  The double stack setup could be used for LeMons racing, general car hauling duties or even as a permanent mobile garage – imagine adding two cars to your fleet and storing them in a truck.

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