10k: Canadian Military Pattern: 1943 Chevrolet CMP Heavy Utiliy Machine ZL-1

Memorial Day was yesterday, so why not post another cool military ride. The CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) truck was a military vehicle built from pre-war designs created by various Canadian manufacturers for British Commonwealth ally use.  The CMP was essentially a larger version of the US Army Jeep — a communal design built by anyone with a foundry and sheet metal die capability.  Of the various versions made only a few were produced for wireless set repair specification as the repairmen found the vehicle too small for the required job.  Find this 1943 Chevrolet CMP Heavy Utiliy Machine ZL-1 currently bidding for $8,431.61 CAD ($7,750 USD) on ebay located in Vancouver, BC, Canada with a few hours to go.

In a world where they take away your nail scissors when boarding an airplane, outlaw sharp pencils at public schools and require a background check to buy a sling-shot, it never ceases to amaze me that you can buy a surplus military vehicle on ebay.  The CMP isn’t as potentially destructive as an armored scout vehicle, but it does offer a military grade experience for the average Joe.

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