10k: Boosted 3800 Power: 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT Custom

The Pontiac Fiero was introduced in 1984 to a sports-car hungry American public.  The magazine talking heads loved the idea of a domestic mid-engined car and gave it excellent reviews, subsequently 136,000 folks put money down to buy a new Fiero in 1984.  Unfortunately, the realities of low-powered, low-revving pushrod equipped engines, and Citation/Chevette sourced suspension parts meant the ride did not live up to the sporty looks.  Sales slipped and even the introduction of the fastback shaped GT model couldn’t keep the Fiero from being slashed by the bean counters at GM headquarters, which is a shame because by 1988 the Fiero had proper suspension, decent power, but it had run out of time.  Find this 1987 Pontiac Fiero custom for sale in Dewey, AZ currently bidding for $7,600 with a few hours to go.

This Fiero may have left the factory with the older style Citation/Chevette suspension and an underpowered Iron Duke I-4 or an L44 V6, but has been thoroughly customized by an owner (or two).  The paint is the original blue metallic color coat with a new coat of clear added on top along with the two silver racing stripes.  The seller has a very detailed build information with lots of photos of the car and the build process located here at pontiacfieroforsale.com.

The engine is a 3.8 liter gen 5 GM 3800 series III V6, that should easily put out 300 horsepower with the attached supercharged and bolt on performance parts listed.  The transmission is a 4-speed automatic with a some rebuilt parts and a shift kit – and together with the supercharged engine, this thing should scoot nicely off the line.

The interior shows a few more custom touches, such as the color matched seat piping and door inserts.  It actually looks okay and matches the boy racer twin stripe look of the exterior.  There are several transmissions that should bolt right up to the 3800 if you wanted to swap in a clutch pedal equipped trans.

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