10k: Blue Targa Special: 1978 Porsche 911SC Targa, Market Watch

Editor’s note: I want point out that there is a very bad pun in the tag line for this feature.  See if you can ‘get it’ before you finish reading.  Like most internet pundits, we spend our days surfing the web for good stuff, polishing our rock collections, fixing broken tools from Harbor Freight and generally maligning the over-inflated state of the classic 911 market.  It only seems like yesterday when a good SC could be found for about $10k…and…hang..on, did Hunsbloger perfect his time machine?…Is it 1998 again?  Find this 1978 Porsche 911SC Targa for sale in Boiling Springs, SC currently bidding on ebay for the bargain price of $11,211 with 3 hours to go.

At this price, you’d expect this car to be a complete disaster, some kind of dilapidated barn find needing a complete makeover…but this 911SC has plenty of depth to its paint, and an intact Targa top that probably only leaks a little.  It looks all stock and wears a set of Fuchs alloys.

A quick inspection of the interior reveals some wear on the seats and steering wheel, but no dreaded automatic shifter or rats nest.  The seller states that is has been “driven it around town and it has plenty of pep and goes through the gears Smoothly.”  Can’t ask for much more of the stock 3.0 liter flat-6 that put out 180 horsepower when it was first assembled 135k miles ago.  This generation of Porsche flat-6 had issues with timing chain tensioners that could fail in a catastrophic manner, but likely it’s been updated in the 35 years it’s been on the road.  A full rebuild of the Porsche flat-6 will set you back almost the cost of this car, but with proper maintenance the stock engine should last 250k miles without too much effort from an owner.

After the Whorevette we posted a few days ago, you would assume at this price the car would have a Pinto rear end grafted to it, but nope, this car is really a beauty.  Editor’s note: Okay, gotta let you off the hook…Targa means Plate in Italian. 

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