10k: Black P-51 Stallion; 1966 Ford Mustang V8 Coupe – Restomod

The first generation Ford Mustang sold like gangbusters when first released in late 1964.  Just into the 2nd year of production, Ford sold its millionth Mustang – phenomenal sales numbers and a percentage of the US market share that entire auto manufacturing conglomerates would only dream about today.  The snob in us tends to be dismissive of the lowly and plentiful Coupes for sale, and focuses instead on the racey Fastback, but early Fastback prices are stratospheric and good deals are mostly found in the herds of Coupes for sale on the internet.  This 1966 Ford Mustang coupe has a mechanical makeover, but wears a ratty exterior – find it for sale in Oakland, CA for $9,995 starting bid or $11,995 buy-it-now on ebay.

The Mustang has the distinct honor of being a game changing automobile.  It brought V8 power and sporty style to the masses at an economy car price and spawned an entire genre of copycats.  This particular example is striking with its flawed black coat of paint and the cool NASCAR style steel wheels -which in this author’s opinion makes this car stylish and unique. 

 This Pony is powered by a modified Ford 302 (5.0 liter) V8, complete with aluminum heads, a roller cam, ignition, intake and exhaust upgrades that should put this Stallion in the 350 horsepower group.  It is connect to the rear end via a Borg-Warner T-5 manual transmission from a Fox-body Mustang – a common upgrade for classic Mustangs.

The inside of this Mustang isn’t perfect, the non-folding, but nice looking, Corbeau seats will make getting in/out of the back seats a re-enactment of the birthing process.   We aren’t fans of the Dakota digital gauges – but it should be an easy swap back to original Mustang gauges, or simply installingr any number of aftermarket options – we can attest to the quality and finish of the JME Enterprises gauge sets.

 The real good stuff in this Mustang ends up being the bits that you can’t see easily – its got front discs swapped in from a Granada and rear discs from an Explorer.  The suspension has been totally rebuilt with new parts recently and has a (not cheap at all!) manual rack & pinion bolt in steering system from Total Control Products.  It should handle much better than the average 66 Mustang and could easily be turned into a budget track rat.

Cosmetically the biggest flaw is the hideous custom hood scoop and even the current seller agrees it should go.  However, this is a classic mustang, which means parts are a quick FedEx truck away – and you can get an entire Mustang hood for $147…new!!  If you aren’t set on a Fastback and don’t mind a non-show car paint job, this Mustang has a lot of performance to offer for the price.

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