10k: Beware The Idles of March: 1953 Kaiser Dragon

If you thought we’d miss the chance to create a once-a-year badge to commemorate a 2000 year old assassination…you’ve got another thing coming!!  Beware the Idles of March, and today we are going to feature a car named after the most famous of Roman general, statesman and emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar (hail Caesar!).  The Kaiser-Frazer Corp (as it was originally known) wasn’t named after the famous “dictator in perpetuity” but its founder was Henry J Kaiser whose German ancestors had chosen the name Kaiser which can be traced back to the Roman name for its emporers “Caesar”.  Ergo, in a way, the Kaiser branded cars were named after our favorite Roman version of North Korea’s Kim Jong-il.  Find this 1953 Kaiser Dragon located in Northwest, OK for the asking price of $10,000 via craigslist.

The fangs, widow’s peak windscreen frame and black vinyl top gives this car a striking resemblance to Eddie Munster.  We can forgive this because the overall effect is a decent looking 50s American 4-door and it ticks all the needed boxes for a big chromed family cruiser.

The interior condition is better than we expected for the price and while it isn’t restored-perfect, it looks good for a driver and we don’t mind a bit of patina in our Dragons.

The windows peak is also visible in the rear and it conspires with the C-pillars to give the rear a unique look.  Massive chrome bumpers and medium sized tail-fins round out the 50s look.

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