10k: Axis Combo: 2000 BMW 323CI w/2JZ-GE Power

The E46 generation BMW 3-series is still considered a high water mark for the 3-series in terms of design, chassis, and drive-ability.  Around here you’ll see us lavishing praise on the brutally fast (and honestly cheap) E46 M3, but the lesser 323/325/330 offerings offer a decent driving experience for a basic buy in.  Find this 2000 BMW 323CI w/2JZ Power here on eBay currently bidding for $9,000 with a few hours to go.

The seller has added an M3 style front splitter, and side vents, but has the narrow hips of the standard 3-series instead of the widebody setup of the M version. 

This isn’t a 2JZ-GTE — the legendary Mk IV Supra Turbo engine that is
known for being boosted to 1,000 hp on stock internals, but it is the
almost as capable 2JZ-GE — easily identified by its mechanical
distributor setup poking out of the side of the head.  The seller has added a cantaloupe sized aftermarket turbocharger and claims 415 horsepower and 400 ft-lbs of torque to the pavement.  It will be fast and furious.

The shifter is attached to a W58 5-speed manual gearbox, probably from the same donor Toyota Lexus SC300 or IS300 where the engine was found.

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