10k: Austin Helly: 1969 Austin Healey Sprite, V8 Powered Horrorod

In the month of October, we are constantly on the lookout for great examples of Horrorods, so when a skull-emblazoned V8 powered Austin-Healey Sprite popped up on ebay, it set off all the DT alarm bells…in a good way.  No problem, the auction had 8 days to go and we decided to wait a few days for the price to stabilize…when..out of nowhere the seller put out a very reasonable buy-it-now price and blammo – like a zit on prom night the auction went bust.  Whatever, we are going to post it anyway, because it is incredible.  Find this 1969 Austin-Healey Sprite recently sold for $7,900 via ebay in Orlando, FL.

It is difficult to see in the photos, but the entire car is a canvas to a grim-reaper and skull enthusiast with a bucket of green paint.  The result is…well…terrifying.  Why would you cover an Austin-Healey with skulls and death?  Because the V8 engine swap under the hood makes death so much easier…

Expect considerably more power/torque from the Ford 5.0 liter V8 versus the original 1.3 liter 4-banger as delivered from the factory, but something on the order of 300 horsepower will get the sub 2000 lb Sprite moving quickly.

The skull theme continues to the inside where the unholy automatic shifter sits on top of a green center console airbrushed with more depictions of death.

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