10k: America: 1985 Chevrolet K10 1500 4X4 Pickup

If you’ve got even an ounce of patriotic ‘Merican blood flowing through your cheeseburger clogged arteries, then this next feature will surely get your heart going a little faster.  The seller does such a magnificent job of photographing this classic truck that I just want to grow a man beard, put on jeans/flannel, and start smoking Marlboros.  I don’t even like the smell of cigarette smoke, but I’ll take two cases of lung cancer and a heavy helping of worldwide hatred from evil doers all over the globe because this truck is so Amer-sea to shining sea–ican. Find this 1985 Chevrolet K10 1500 4X4 Pickup here on eBay currently bidding for $9,900 with a few days to go located in Mellisa, TX.

The photos show such a perfect image of a car driven by a fellow who says “I’m going to overthrow secular despots all over the middle east regardless of the consequential power vacuum that will be filled with Islamic fundamentalists” and “where’s the beef.”   And just gaze at the majesty of those purple mountains!  

Here in the land of the free, we like cars with carburetor fed 305 cubic inch V8s mated to slushbox automatics, because it is easier to drink a triple big gulp if you aren’t trying to shift some worthless gear stalk.  We also like giant power brake cylinders with curly pig tail brake lines that work in concert to create a brake pedal with about 2 inches of travel before non-linear brake effect causes 4 wheel lockup in the next 1/16th inch of pedal travel.  I spilled my 700 calorie Coke in my 5 lb bag of greasy fries when I hit the brakes because I saw a semi-attractive lady — ‘Merica!

I need bench seats in my pickup because I might need to haul a few of my buds with me but crew-cab pickups are for ladies. Extended cab with the side facing (and likely unsafe) jump seats is okay too.

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