10k: Alsace Chainsaw Massacre: 1985 Citroën CX Prestige

The CX was the last Citroën designed by the small company that was once Europe’s largest automobile manufacturer many years before it was taken over by Peugeot.  The CX used Citroën’s bizarre hydro-pneumatic self leveling suspension system and a transverse mounted inline-4 powering the front wheels.  Citroën sold over 1.2 million of the front drive sedan/wagon/fastbacks between 1974 and 1991 but never officially in the USA.  Find this 1985 Citroën CX Prestige for sale in Orange County, CA for $7900 via craigslist.  Tip from Nicholas B who writes: If they ever decide to remake Texas Chainsaw Massacre with french car
parts instead of body parts, I think this shed would have a starring

The Prestige model was in fact a long wheelbase version of the CX that added 10 inches to the length (by using parts from the Safari/Familiale estate) and raising the roof for rear occupant headroom.  The resulting car is certainly unique looking and the rear fender cover will somewhat mask the regular hydraulic suspension failures as people will ask the question “is it supposed to ride like that in the back?” with some frequency.

We normally show an underhood picture, but for this feature we will just post this picture of a full rack of spare parts as the warning to potential owners.  Spare parts and donor cars will become a way of life as a CX owner.

In classic Citroën fashion the interior looks like an alternative future written by people in the 1950s.  This kind of cockpit belongs in a winged blimp flying above some polluted megapolis.

If you want to stick out from the crowd, don’t the latest fad car, pickup a classic CX and you will be the only one on the block.  Trust us, your neighbors who always lease the latest offering from Audi will have no idea what this is, but will probably assume it is from the future.

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