10k: Alpinaweiß Sleeper: 1989 BMW 325is, S50 Swap

We’ve mentioned before how much we love the E30 BMW chassis and generally consider it one of the better deals on the market with solid daily driver examples going for $5k-$6k …but they are a bit slow in stock (non-M) form; can you justify doubling the price tag for more speed?  Find this 1989 BMW 325is with E36M3 S50 inline-6 swap for sale in Fairview, OR for $12,500 via craigslist.

This is an interesting value statement in an E30.  It is roughly halfway between the price of a standard E30 325i and an E30 M3…but does it have enough added value in the form of S50 engine, 5-lug hubs swap, 3.46 limited slip diff, H&R springs, Bilstein shocks, et cetera, to justify the price?

The power comes from the next generation (E36) 1995 M3 S50B50 that makes 240 horsepower and 225 ft-lbs of torque.  The 3 liter dual overhead cam inline-6 is a real gem of an engine and will last hundreds of thousands of miles if properly maintained and plastic cooling bits are replaced, all the time singing up to its 7000 rpm redline.

This car has a set of E30 M3 seats (front and rear) and inside looks to be in decent shape, but isn’t show-car perfect.  However, it doesn’t look like Amanda Bynes has been taking any bong hits in the back seat either…a decent 50th percentile interior.

The E34 M5 wheels look nice and the extra set of 17 inch basketweaves would also look appropriate on the E30.  Personally we’d lose the 330i badge and just leave this thing a mystery to other drivers….but…it would take quite a few unsuspecting people by surprise.  However, you can also get an E36 M3 for about half the asking price of this E30…so…we ask again…does this car make sense at this price?

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