10k: 2001 Porsche Boxster S

The Porsche Boxster first launched in 1997 and brought open air Porsche flat six sounds to the working class…but it had Volkswagen acceleration and it wasn’t until model year 2000 and the introduction of the “S” model (German for shhhporteee) that you could get one with a decent amount of horsepower and a 6spd transaxle.  This 2001 Boxster S has 79k miles on the odometer and an asking price of $12000.

Back in 2001 this Porsche would have cost at least $50k and probably had its current value of ‘options’ & taxes added to the price tag.  Dinner plate sized brakes and cherry red calipers surrounded with large wheels/tires add to the visual impact of the S.  Mid engine neutral handling and telepathic steering feel puts the Boxster S firmly at the top of dailyturismo’s ‘bucket-seat list.’

Boxsters (S and the slow version) all came with plastic rear windows from 97-2003 and these windows have the tenancy to turn into a yellow rear screen with age, but this car has had a recent top replaced and window ‘repaired’ – and it does look transparent in the photos.

Turn on the ignition from the valet mystifying left hand ignition position and hear the bark of the 3.2 liter flat 6 settle down to a healthy purr.  Depress the clutch and…wait a minute…what is that strange looking shifter in this car…EGGGADS is that an auto?  Ok – the ad doesn’t say, in fact, it is quite skimpy on details, and the bezel around the shifter makes it look like an auto – so STOP reading this now and take a look at this $8995 asking manual trans S model. Ahhh…I feel much better now.

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