10k: 1992 Volvo 740 LS1/T56 Swap… is back on eBay, now with lower price

The 1992 Volvo 740 featured in Nov, 2012 is back on ebay, but this time with a lowered starting bid of $9k and buy-it-now of $10,500.  Find it here on ebay or go test drive it in Fallbrook, CA and send us the details – we’d love to know what this thing drives like.  The only reason we haven’t just purchased this car for our own DT fleet is the California smog hassle we’d have to deal with, but the prospect of needing to get it BAR referee certified is looking better each time we think about it.  Update 2/1 8:52amPST: BAR ref certification not required to renew its diesel title if you willing to live life under the radar – and worst case you could get it certified to 1999 C5 Vette smog levels and be 100% legit.

Please buy this car before we do…our wives will thank you!