10k: 1992 BMW 850i

The BMW e31 platform was launched in 1989 as a high end successor to the e21 6-series.  For the price of a few options on a brand new BMW you can own a used V12 equipped 850i like this 1992 model located in Long Beach, CA for $9999 asking (via craigslist).

The 850 was a stunning car when introduced in 1989 and today still looks the part of a supercar. This car is equipped with 18inch wheels from an e39 M5 and the original red paint looks nice (although the seller does say there are some minor imperfections).

The M50B70 5 liter V12 originally produced 295 horsepower and 330 ft-lbs of torque and is mated to a 5-spd automatic transmission (some cars were equipped with a 6 spd manual!).  The V12 was a technological tour-de-force in 1989, using an “alusil” engine block and drive by wire throttles controlled by twin ECUs.

Pop-up headlights surround the ‘shark-nose’ front end on the BMW – a menacing sight in your rear view mirror – or a common sight at BMW mechanics shops…850s are not particularly know for reliability…unless you compare them to similar era V12 Jaguars or Maseratis, in which case they are fantastic!

This car is also equipped with aftermarket Brembo brakes and claims that the car is setup to “CSi” specifications which conjures up images of Bruckheimer directed crime scenes, but the seller includes conflicting information about coil-over Bilsteins at all 4 corners…

Bottom line: Does this BMW run on all 12 cylinders or would you rather have two E36 M3s?

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