10k: 1984 Isuzu P’up DLX 5spd Survivor

We recently had our eyes on an 84 Isuzu Pickup Diesel ‘survivor’ car, but the buy-it-now was insanely high and the auction was ended early (probably sold off ebay).  But no one really wants a glacially slow oil burner from the 80s – so we found this 1983 Isuzu Pickup with manual trans and gasoline engine, in Omaha, NE currently bidding for $5k on ebay reserve-not-met.

In a pleasant departure from recent advertisements, this ebay ad is cohesive, well written and has excellent photographs, taken during the day!  The Isuzu P’up (short for pickup) was in fact the second generation Isuzu “Faster” – we aren’t sure what it was Faster than- perhaps a diesel rabbit, a forklift or a 3 legged mule.  This particular example has only 18k miles on its odometer and looks mighty minty. 

This Pup is powered by a 1.8 liter (the 1.9 reference in ad must be a typo) G180Z inline 4 gasoline engine that puts out 80 puppower and is mated to a 4 speed manual transmission.  All of the pups are put to the pavement via a driver selectable 4 wheel drive transfer case.  Simple, basic and efficient.

 Inside this pup looks like a decent place to be – the seats are still in great shape, the dash looks uncracked and we’d love to get a peak under the 80s vintage tennis-grip-style steering-wheel-wrap.  The new owner will need to spend some time debugging the non-functioning a/c, but in the mean time can stay cool by rolling the windows down with hand cranks (no power windows to break on this pup!).

Overall this P’up looks to be a good deal if the reserve isn’t too high.  It won’t be a rocket ship – but it can be used to haul junk, maybe some light towing and certainly be capable in light snow.  The only downside to having a truck in this nice of a condition is that you wouldn’t want to haul junk, tow junk or hoon around in snow…its just too clean.

Regardless, the manual trans, all wheel drive and excellent condition will make any new owner proud and happy to drive it around.  

See another pup for sale?  email us here:  tips@dailyturismo.com