10k: 1981 Ferrari Mondial

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that all of the Ferraris posted on the daily turismo would be Fiero powered kit cars…so to see an actual Ferrari powered Ferrari on this site is a bit shocking.  Of course it will need some help to be your daily turismo, but this 1981 Ferrari Mondial 8 is for sale in North Jersey, NJ for “cash offers over $11k” via craigslist.

The Ferrari Mondial was a ‘practical’ 2+2 built from 1980 to 1993, actually one of Ferrari’s higher volume cars with over 6800 produced in the 13 year life.  It shared engines and chassis with the 308 “the Magnum PI” Ferrari – but you could stick T.C. and Rick in the back seat while Higgins rides shotgun (it is after all Higgins’ car because Higgins WAS Robin Masters). 

The Mondial was powered by a mid-mounted 3.0 liter V8 dual overhead cam (but only 2 valves per cylinder from some unknown reason) making 205 horsepower and 181 ft-lbs of toqrue.  Power is put down to the pavement via a 5 speed dog-leg manual transmission. (1st gear sits down and to the left – 2-3 and 4-5 are top to bottom to allow for ‘faster race track shifts’ or some such nonsense.)

Inside the Mondial is vintage 80s Ferrari – complete with gated shift, thick rimmed steering wheel and padded dash.  The seats look pretty worn, but everything can be forgiven when you check out the prancing pony on the floormats.

Truth be told – the car does need some work, it was last driven 5 years ago and registered 20+ years ago – so it probably needs some engine work.  Ferrari engine work isn’t like….say…Honda engine work,  its more like HondaJet engine work.  The cost of rebuilding the engine will easily outpace the purchase price…which is why we are making the following offer:  If any DT reader is willing to stuff a Fiero engine into this beast – we will find and pay for the Fiero engine.  That’s right – we are willing to fund some of the reverse Fauxarri in exchange for covering the build.  Do you have a spare spot in your garage and skills to stuff some reliable GM power into this Pininfarina styled 2+2?

See another Mondial for sale or want to take us up on this offer?  email here:  tips@dailyturismo.com