10k: 1978 Porsche 928, LS1 Swap

 Over the years we at Daily Turismo have been a bit harsh on Porsche’s 928.  Personally I’ve called it the nicest German Camaro you’ve ever owned and one of the best muscle cars to ever be built by Germans, but whenever I see one I’m still drawn to it.  This love/hate relationship has something to do with the dynamic wreck-to-whip ratio, sure you can find almost free 928s, but they are going to cost you serious cash when the engine goes boom…and…it will.  So what happens when someone stuffs a Camaro V8 up front and then asks a medium amount of money for it?  Find this 1978 Porsche 928 with LS1 Swap offered for $12,000 in Edmond, OK via craigslist.

There are two voices in my head, the first one says kill them all why does everyone think the SBC belongs in everything…and the other voice says live in a boat finally the 928 will have reliability and power to go with its looks.  Before I take the “vitamins” my wife always gives me when I start talking about the voices in my head, I’ve got to figure out if this is awesome or a failure.

I find a list helps in these situations.

Pro: More power.

Con: Can’t pop hood at PCA track days.

Pro: Fuel economy.

Con: Not if you drive it like a hoon.

Pro: Reliability.

Con: Non factory custom stuff built by a hack always breaks. 

Pro: Cheap parts.

Con: No AC.

Looks like a tie.  Darn it.  Vote below awesome or failure and I’ll update the post later in the day with a verdict.