10k: 1976 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Custom Cruiser Wagon; Minty Clean

The Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight was a full sized flagship model from GM and by 1976 it was celebrating its 9th generation of land yachts.  The A-body beasts weren’t just big, they were enormous and just about the heaviest Oldsmobiles ever built.  This 1976 Olds 98 Custom Cruiser Wagon is in remarkable condition and offered for sale on ebay in Staten Island, NY – currently bidding at $9,100 reserve-not-met with 1 day to go.

This wood-sided schooner is not a restored show car – but an unrestored original condition classic that would love to be driven every day.  But with only 60k miles on the odometer we wouldn’t recommend driving it too much – also with gas close to $5/gallon it would rapidly deplete your bank account.

The Oldsmobile 455 cubic inch 7.5 liter rocket V8 puts out an emissions choked 190 horsepower and will likely return 6-8 mpg.  The torque is multiplied by a 3 speed turbo-hydramatic transmission in an attempt to push the 5200 lb behemoth around at something above a snail’s pace.  This was the last year that Olds built the Rocket V8 and its huge displacement and appetite for fuel would be missed.

The inside of this Ninety-Eight looks minty fresh and surprisingly clean for the age.  This isn’t a Mercedes built with fantastic MBTex synthetic seat fabric – this was the cheapest Motown crap found down by the docks, so the previous owners of this car must have parked it inside and been very petite.

The Olds has a wicked sliding rear door window and half-opening tailgate that is an interesting alternative to the swing/tailgate style double doors available on other GM products from the era.  This wagon also has the third row forward facing seats -good for children, midgets and storage space.

We still have a rust concern about a 40 year old car from New York, so a thorough inspection of the bottom of the car would be prudent.  Lastly – it’s reaching a price on ebay that classic wagons seldom get to unless they are totally clean or tastefully modified and we hope the reserve will be met or lifted soon and the seller doesn’t want a king’s ransom for this cool old boat.

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