10k: 1969 MG MGB GT Shiny!

The MGB was built by MG (Morris Garage) Cars in England back when the British Empire made something other than loud politicians, naked royals and eavesdropping newspapers.  The GT was the hardtop version of their little sports car and sold about 125,000 through its 15 year production run.  This 1969 MG MGB GT is for sale in sunny Manhattan Beach, CA for $9999 via craigslist.

This MGB GT sparkles in the pics like a kaleidoscope under a streetlamp in a bad acid trip… seriously each picture is totally over exposed and has sun flares that almost look Photoshopped.  We have to assume that no major picture post processing has occurred because the GT’s oil drips are still littering the pavement – we would have fuzzed out the pavement and left the JJ Abrams Star Trek style sun flares out.

As painful as it is to stare into the engine bay – we can see the stock 1.8 liter inline 4 BMC B-series that puts out a tractor-like 95 horsepower and 110 ft-lbs of torque.  The red valve cover and associated water pump housing and other parts are indeed red from the factory even though it looks like a bad pimp-my-ride respray.  “Yo dawg, we heard you like red, so we put some red on yo red in yo engine bay dawg!”

Inside JJ Abrams continues to direct his alternate time-universe version of the classic and behind the distracting brightness is a thin steering wheel attached to unassisted rack-and-pinion, a set of smith’s gauges and a simple gear shift attached to a 4 speed manual transmission. 

The car is advertised as an un-restored, all original, California classic and wears the badge of a Los Angeles Trade Technical College evening student parking badge from spring of 1973.  Thankfully, ‘Bucky Beaver’ isn’t obscured by over saturation, making the only clear photo one that could have been unclear…

We love classic British steel and this MGB GT looks to be in excellent condition, but unfortunately the asking price reflects that premium condition…so this is one of those cars that need an on-site inspection to determine if its really a good car or that JJ Abrams simply did a good job of taking some photos and cleaning the car.  Or maybe our understanding of the MGB GT pricing is out of date…

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