10k: 1969 BMW 2800 Sedan E3

The E3 BMW was the sedan equivalent of the stunning BMW E9 coupe.  If offered the same BMW handling, torquey inline 6s and great build quality, but with a back seat that can fit a human being.  Unfortunately the flowing coupe lines are lost and the car looks quite a bit like an Alfa Romeo Berlina – but it is the grandpa to modern 5-series sedans and a great value today.  This 1969 BMW 2800 sedan recently sold on ebay for $6599, but the winning bidder flaked and now its back up for sale on ebay, bidding at $5,300 with 5 days to go (in San Francisco, CA).

The front end of the 2800 is a feast of chrome, headlamps and shark nosed goodness.  It looks moving standing still and looks fantastic in the Fjord blue paint (we suspect it is a respray and would be important to understand if its a ‘new’ paint job or something older).  Stay away from new paint jobs as paint will often take a year to properly cure and imperfections can show-up unexpectedly during that curing time.

 This 2800 is powered by BMW’s 2.8 liter ‘big six’ engine putting out 170 horsepower at 6000 rpm, mated to a non-original 5-spd manual trans (originally it would have come with a 4spd).  We love BMW big six engines for their smooth torque curves and ability to scream to redline day after day.  This car also comes with a limited slip differential, so it meets all of our basic power-train needs.

 The dash and steering wheel looks to be in good original condition, but the seats have been replaced with some blue-cloth covered Recaro’s, not so sure if it really fits the style of the E3 – but given the sellers indication that the car has ‘racing’ suspension, we guess the extra bolstering could be useful if you plan on driving this thing hard.

The wheels are a later 5-series 15 inch wheel and look appropriate on the car -and frankly we keep thinking of how much value this car brings for the selling price.  Perhaps if you won’t buy this car, DT will add it to our stable…and that IS a threat!

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