10k: 1964 Ford Falcon ‘Vert

Ford Falcons (and Falcon based cars) have been featured on the daily tusimo in the past – but this time we are bringing a convertible.  Cheaper than an equivalent Mustang – the Falcon is still a desired car with excellent aftermarket support.  This 1964 Ford Falcon convertible is offered for sale on ebay for $11,000 and is located in Poway, CA.

 The Falcon came in many flavors (2 door coupe, 4 door sedan, 2 door wagon, 4 door wagon) but none as good looking as the convertible- particularly in 1964.  The aircraft carrier sized belt-line on this second generation Falcon is a thing of beauty.  Redesigned in 1964 – the freshened Falcon only lasted until 1965 when the much more popular Mustang stole away its sales volume. 

Under the hood this convertible has had its original inline 6 removed and replaced with a 302 (5.0 liter) Ford crate engine – no details on the specifics of the build – but expect from 250-300 horsepower and torque depending on cam/heads/exhaust.  Power goes to the pavement though a 4 speed manual transmission and likely a ford 8 inch rear end  – but its an easy swap to a limited slip 9 inch rear.

Inside the interior is red to match (or clash?) with the exterior rangoon red paint – the seller indicates this is a recent respray so be sure to check for overspray and bad rust repairs- but the white ‘sprint’ stripe on the side looks good.  Everything looks to be here on this car – but its not a big issue to redo a Falcon interior since you can buy just about every part brand new from a thriving Mustang/Falcon aftermarket.

A ‘custom’ tonneau cover protects the interior from sun damage, no word on the condition of the convertible top.  The details of this car are limited in the ebay ad – a thorough inspection and discussion with seller is important when ad details are scant.  Does this Falcon make you want to run for the sun or head for the hills?

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