100+100=? 1970 Audi 100 Custom Twin Front

It never ceases to amaze me how busy people are when they post craigslist ads.  Sometimes folks on craigslist won’t list the actual model name of their car, or neglect to list options, but today’s seller doesn’t even know the model year of this thing.  Actually…there is a good chance that this car contains two different vin numbers from two different cars, so the seller might be right to avoid any description of model year.  Find this 1970 Audi 100 Custom offered for $500 in Denton, NE. Tip from Andy.

The Audi  100 has a front drive sedan from Audi, but today’s example is possibly 4-wheel drive given the setup, but don’t expect the driven ends to play nicely with each other, unless you want to crank the wheels in opposite directions and do the most awesome donuts ever. 

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