0k: Free To A Good Home: 1989 Volvo 244

The current owner of this car “violet” (the car’s name, not the owner’s) acquired it to use as a 24Hrs of LeMons car, but is now in over his head.  The previous owner chimed in on the forums and mentions the car just stopped running on the highway and hasn’t moved on her own power since.  Rear window is busted and interior is shot…but..hey…free car…right?  Find this 1989 Volvo 244 sedan offered to a good home in Stamford, CT via 24hoursoflemons.com forums.

Pick this car up quickly before it shows up on some dealer’s lot in Florida with all sorts of claims like “never seen snow,” “little old lady driven” and “never used as a parts donor for a crapcan racer.”  Really all we can hope is that the owner doesn’t get a flurry of interest and decide to relist the car for one bitcoin or a gift certificate for the silk road. 

The Volvo redblock B230F probably just needs a good debugging of the wiring harness as you’ve seen on CFlo’s article on Wiring Nightmares, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Multimeter.  A non starting/running B230F isn’t an indication of needing major overhaul – it is simply an indication that you aren’t kicking the wiring harness in the right spot with your wingtip. 

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