0.5k: 1983 Volvo 244; Leopard Print Inside & Out

The Volvo 200 series is a regular winner here at the Daily Turismo.  We like it for its basic rear drive architecture, rack & pinion steering, available manual transmission and ultra cheap sticker.  This 1983 Volvo 244 (probably a DL) is wearing a animal print skin inside-and-out; for sale in Monmouth, IL for the leopard-skinflint price of $500.

This Volvo 244 is a real riddler; it has what looks like a home made animal print paint scheme which almost qualifies it as cougar bait…but we can only give out so many DT badges to each car.  The self-described ‘art-car’ needs a new battery, needs ‘breaks,’ needs transmission work and needs paint touch-up…some assembly required.

This car isn’t really a Daily Turismo waiting for a driver – at best its a future 24 Hours of LeMons car – pre-theme’d and ready to go.  Just don’t buy this Volvo if you need a simple daily driver for your commute – there are dozens of better examples for sale around the country.

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