0.1k: Lotta Questions: 2001 Lada 110 1.5GLI 16-Valve, Riddler

Typically on the DailyTurismo we regurgitate a bunch of facts and let our readers ask the questions, but today we throw process out the window for this post and just ask questions.  First, what do you think of this 2001 Lada 110 1.5GLI 16-Valve bidding on ebay for $202 reserve-not-met with 6 days to go located in Arlington, MA?  Does it make you want to ask a bunch of questions too? 

First of all: how did this get in to the US?  How do I register if for the street?  How can the owner claim that you will “GET NOTICED IN THIS CAR MORE THAN DRIVING FERRARI OR BENTLEY”?  Why is seller shouting at everyone?  Is his CAPSLOCK key stuck in the on position?

How much fun will this car be with a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine pumping out a claimed 90 horsepower?  Will it run on Vodka?  Will the 2300 lb curb weight translate to fun car in the twisties?  Will Russian economy tires crush that fun like Lenin crushing freedom of thought?

Will the US Federal government seize this car and all of my bank accounts in a Stalin-esque purge if I drive this to work each day?  Will driving the Lada in city traffic be the automotive equivalent of living in a Gulag? 

Will the engine grenade ten minutes after I pick it up?  Will it be impossible to find spare parts?  If it is so horrible, then why do I want it so badly?  Is it coincidence that a Russian car is for sale only a few miles from Watertown, MA where the two Chechen brothers accused of bombing the Boston marathon lived? 

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