• Nice write up, Matt! You have outdone yourself on this one. I especially liked:
    "available with a few different methods of turning fuel into sadness and noise" – that describes the Tempo perfectly.

  • The Tempo was the ultimate in phoned-in engineering. Take Escort, cut into quarters, pull all the pieces apart three inches, stitch-weld in patches. Raid parts bins for the cheapest powertrain the company builds. Done.

    They did, however, outsell their Contour/Mystique successors for one reason: you could just about put four 95th-percentile adults in a Tempo. The Mondeo/Contour design was apparently approved for production at a point when Ford executive management was occupied by the Seven Dwarfs.

    As for this example, I'd suggest it's got fabulous Lemons Class C potential but I'm also guessing you might want to bring along a spare transaxle or two.

    • Or nine. With the understanding that, if you have any self respect at all, you will promptly 86 the AWD after you've turned 2 laps in 13 hours on track and JUST CANT TAKE IT anymore.

  • Theses were terrible cars! My mother owned a big V6 powered one that drank fuel at an alarming rate yet never did anything well other than start up after sitting for 6 months. It was her second car in BC and whenever we came to visit it was ours to use. Fun things like the rear view mirror falling off, a door window falling into the door, a gas tank that bwgan to leak while driving through a forest fire, and that @&$%#^+^&@@-/ 'mouse seat belt thing that drove us nuts. My daughters called it 'The White Trash Mobile' and we loved it…and hated it!!!!

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