• I would love to see how they made the buck for the foundry mold for these wheels.
    I am guessing slices of wood. Or maybe they were willed with an old bridgeport mill?

  • "The interior is a bit torn up, but this is a winter driver and you aren't going to be dropped off for the Academy Awards with this anyway."

    what if I were Paul Giamatti in "Sideways"?

    • No not a common sump for the engine and trans. The original Mini, MG1100 and Austin America did that. Nothing like circulating metal from the trans through the engine bearings.

    • you're right, solid advert – a 900 in good driver condition like this would fetch £5000 easy here in far north quidland, which is, like, $6250 this week – ship it over the pole when the ice melts, which should only be a few more springlike winters, right – ooh, except the steering wheel is on the wrong side

  • I had one in white, an 85. I tried to SPG it with some of their accessories. Absolutely loved that car. Awesome in the snow and had a heater that would fry you if you didn't watch it. I got rid of it at 280k when reverse quit.

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