• On the plus side, these things are super rare. Properly set up, there should be a high smiles-per-mile output. This one could be a victim of sudden transmission death, especially if not well cared for, which this one does not give the appearance of. If so, forget it. Might serve better as a parts car for someone who already has one of these in running shape.

  • Shame. This car deserves better, but such is the treatment suffered by old hatchbacks in the U.S.
    I have had several Mercury Capri's that use this same turbo motor and have lots of wrench time on them. My daughter is driving a 1991 Capri XR2 in college now.
    The engines are robust with the only niggles being ignition issues that can have you throwing random parts at in in frustration, and idle air control valves that cause some cranking when the car is warm.
    I have always wanted one of these and should have jumped years ago, now I faced with specimens like this.

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