• Recline the seat some, slouch to the left and steer with your wrist. You'd be the dude. Too bad the guy who wrote the ad sounds like a nut.

  • Too bad it has the notoriously troublesome Northstar motor! But it's worth reading for the funniest part of the ad: "There's one of two things a man does when he hits "middle age": he either buys a car or he gets a mistress. This will save you from the wrath of a woman (or two) scorned!"

    • Well, I was not aware of the Northstar problems, so your comment sent me searching. This guy seems to have covered the topic pretty well:

      Extreme language alert (you were warned!)

  • Northstar (potential) performance is amazing. These cars were not only smooth and wisper quiet, they were also some of the fastest cars on the road in there day. Grannys Concourse there is capable of 145+ mph. Reliability and difficulty of working on are worthy of every swear word our buddy there uttered. Take one this cherry, and have AN EXCELLENT shop install these head studs :


    The resulting machine would drive and ride like nothing else at the price point. However, getting an average wore out one with some glimmering dream of fixing it up is a truly foolish idea. They come up all the time looking great for $900, " Just overheats a little sometimes, I think it needs a new thermostat"……..

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