• i am impressed by the longevity and performance of these….getting 25/30 mpg at 70 mph and in this version doing 159 mph flat out…..and silent and comfortable with long wearing interior…

  • I had an 89 LS400, it was an amazing car but not nearly as rugged and reliable as I thought. It was my dad's for 10 years and I bought it from him in 99 and, if I'm to be totally honest, my Mercedes and Porsche have been more reliable at even older age with higher miles.

  • For a few years, these were the officially certified automotive conveyance of the Houston bourgeois. Seriously, they were everywhere from the Houstonian to the Transco to Champions Forest. At some point, the Suburban clawed to the top of that heap but I still remember my first ride in one as a teenager… it was impossibly quiet inside, so mush so that the tachometer was actually useful-despite it’s automatic transmission-in that it was the only indication to your senses that the car was actually running.

  • Too bad this car is a base model, looks to have aftermarket seat covers on the front, non-standard steering wheel and shift knob, cheap tires, improperly refinished wheels (should have a machined face), No heated seats, no Nakamichi, no factory floor mats.

    Other than that, would be a nice car to pound some miles on!

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