• The aliment isn't out the car drives great I know I own it. I don't know who is saying this about my car but it isn't true

  • If you notice in the picture above the wheels are turned to the right they are not straight ahead that maybe why it look like is maybe out of alignment

    • Bill, thanks for chiming in! We don't mean to disparage anyone here – we mostly like finding interesting ads and making comments about them for entertainment value. Your car seems like a cool machine, and your explanation about the wheels being turned in the photo is perfectly reasonable. I think most of us have never heard of a Blakely Bearcat, so it's safe to assume we don't know what we're talking about 😉

  • By reading the comments above on one know anything about the Bearcat by the way flat out is about 85 MPH not 35 and I have never hit a deer in my life.

  • Yeah…in the front view it does like the there is some ailment in the alignment…but it could just be the fish-eye distortion effect of the camera lens. Cool car, reasonable price — two greasy thumbs up!

  • Kudos to the seller— he deleted his original posting and reposted with better pictures. Front end is ALIGNED!!!

    Looks like the price may have changed, too:

    Bearcat Low Miles

    -Stan (the *other* Stan)

  • Whoops. Wrong link!

    Here's the real deal. And the pix look great:


    Best of luck to you, Bill Brincefield. Looks like a lot of fun. : )

    -Stan (who has owned more than a dozen VWs over the years, and currently has 2 kit cars in his garage– one with an electric motor, and the other with an LT-1)

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