• OK, here's one for you – and this was pretty weird because I took these photos last week and planned to send them to Vince today – me and Hunsbloger on the exact same wavelength – it happens

    i did not see under the petticoat on this one either, but i have a shot from another angle that's a dead giveaway, will post that up tomorrow sometime – bonus if you can guess in what city it was taken

    [img] i.imgur.com/pXSPJi9.jpg?1[/img]

  • I was going to take a guess but this appears to be a completely dead puzzle. What happened to the guy that always gives the clues? Whoever is doing this one doesn't interact with the people guessing, so I'm not going to bother.

    • @GliYut…..I'd hate for us all to be the lesser for missing out on your participation, but did you miss this line from DT? "the best part is that we don't actually know the answer."

      Given that, exactly what type of clues were you expecting? Besides, it's been answered multiple times….it's a BMW e36 coupe.

    • Your logic makes no sense and your rudeness even less so.

      You're tell me that the person that took this picture couldn't be bothered to walk over and look under the cover? That's pretty bad. These puzzles are one of the few things that sets this blog apart from similar ones and some of them have been really good. It's the main reason I look at this blog. The other data is nothing new, it's the presentation of it and the personalities that make things interesting.

      This puzzle would not be one of the good ones and you're doing this blog no favors with your presence as you clearly enjoy being a troll.

      Your repeated guesses of an E36 Coupe (sic?) are not logical either. The editor of this blog said that HE didn't know what it was ("we" still implies he). Does the photographer? You don't seem to know the answer to that one either, which makes your attitude towards me that much more mystifying and downright rude. Just like the other guesses – and there WERE other guesses, despite your repeated bleating otherwise – we won't know unless the photographer did the right thing and verified what car it actually was and answers the direct questions posed here, which doesn't seem to be happening.

      This one is a big FAIL. It should have been posed as something other than a What Am I puzzle.

    • LOL…I'm a rude troll says the guy who might have posted here two times before and is now crying and stamping his feet about a fun (and free) post on a message board. "Whaaaaahhh…this riddle wasn't up to my standards!" Grow up.

    • He must have only just found this site. These guys do crap like this all the time… if it sours you up please don't leave in a huff, just leave. The car is whatever you want it too be maybe it's a go cart with a homemade cardboard e36 body hence the cover, you wouldn't want it to get soggy and ruin all the time put into drawing the doors and widows onto it.

    • He must have only just found this site. These guys do crap like this all the time… if it sours you up please don't leave in a huff, just leave. The car is whatever you want it too be maybe it's a go cart with a homemade cardboard e36 body hence the cover, you wouldn't want it to get soggy and ruin all the time put into drawing the doors and widows onto it.

    • I'm going to politely suggest Stan Beyerman change his name so we can make fun of the other Stan (not to mention our JEB-afflicted friend above) without worrying about a misunderstanding involving said Stan Beyerman who is shaping up to be a right good egg – whaddaya say Stan B? – maybe just "Beyerman"? – heh, if you're a BMW fan you could be "Bayernman"

    • Okay. True story. The photographer who took the picture didn't lift the skirt because he is one of those old school dudes who believes in never rubbing another mans rhubarb, PARTICULARLY in the car coral of a big car show. This means you don't poke the rust on the Nissan 240Z, wiggle wires on a Saab, or touch someone else's car cover.

      So GLiYut, I (we) really don't know what this car is…but good money is that it is a E36 3-series. One last thing, the car cover had the numbers 13273 on the front, which if you use the google, you'll find that pn at autozone turns up a BMW 3-series car cover.

      -DT Editor-in-Chief and Chief-of-Absurdity Vince

    • Lame insults and excuses don't change the fact that this one stunk. Hopefully, the next one will be better. If you don't like that I have an opinion and I have a right to say it, then move somewhere Communist.

      You're a very strange person, FTB. You work hard trying to engage with others on this blog who have made it clear that they have no intention to interact with anyone and simultaneously insult the ones who do. Are you bipolar?

    • I've wondered about that. My guess is that you're onto something there, GLiYut. But my advice (for what it's worth) is just tune out the haters. They aren't worth the words they write.

      But you're right, you can say your opinion. Usually, DT is all about that. I don't know why they went Commie on this one. Must be they need a nap.

    • BTW, I think it's hilarious that it doesn't seem to occur to any of my fellow DTers that those could possibly be aftermarket wheels. Oops, now I'm gonna get flamed again.

      Welcome to DT, GLiYut! Not all of us are haters and infatuated with what we write and nothing else. Tell us what you drive!

    • Interesting…..GLiYut makes his first post on a K2-written "What Am I" a few days ago by praising the puzzle and K2's poem. His second post is on a non-K2 What Am I, lamenting the lack of K2's clues and "interaction".

      Then, in a follow-up, GLiYut (seemingly a new poster) immediately jumps on the "nobody on here interacts with anyone!" bandwagon (where have we heard that before…hmmmm?).

      This is followed up by K2 jumping in and white knighting GLiYut, a poster who began this entire interaction with immense rudness and saying "ignore the haters". Haters? Who?

      It's all very interesting. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin.

    • I don't know GLiYut, ya whiner. I am not alone thinking the same things, I'm sure. There is nothing that is original. Besides, you're the one who acted like a donkeycap and hung a target around his neck. Own up or hush up.

    • And, you're a major deflector, working so very hard to make others out to be wrong, asserting your "authority". Who are you, Cartman? That will never work, it just bounces back and goes splat in your face.

      Plus, you never answered the direct question. Why is that?

      [img] i.imgur.com/IWVQ0b6.jpg?1[/img]

    • Eh, either way, I'm done interacting with you and your multiple personality screen names. There's a level of neuroses going on I'm just not interested in dealing with—it's strange and a little creepy. Like a lot of others on here, I'm just a long time reader and poster who's more than a little tired of your smothering and insufferable attempts to make this place the K2 show. Have a good one….both of you.

    • FTB: One of the inherent challenges of this whole internet thing is the dissonance between people wanting real personal interaction and people counting on the distance and anonymity it provides, especially when both desires exist within most of us at the same time. It's a fundamentally chaotic environment, and so easy to under-, over- or mis-read even the most blunt comments. Fortunately, it flows like a river, and changes constantly as it goes by. Let it go by. See you on the next new post 😉

    • Nah, kaibeezy, I like both, and I've gotten both from this place for many years now. I'll just employ better use of selective hearing from now on and it'll be fine. You can look up above through this thread and see that strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

    • That’s a lot of chest puffing going on there. Add paranoia to the list and he doesn’t like the taste of his own foot. I looked, but I couldn’t find anywhere that said FTB is a moderator on this blog. Maybe I missed it. If so, he needs a new job because he’s terrible at it. FTB also posts about as much as K2 does, so I don’t get his complaint about that. And as far as I can tell, K2 is on a different coast than me. Do you need my IP to prove it or is that also a conspiracy against you? K2 seems hellbent on proving or earning something, I don’t know what but he also seems to go out of his way not to hate on other bloggers for no reason other than to assuage their own mania.

      I drive a Jetta; thankfully, not a diesel. It’s been a great car for me.

    • [img] quickmeme.com/img/68/68b5d02a77f5ef8db138d994b3bd1dae8ca2f28ca53499444840b6f0152c7e12.jpg[/img]
      Who votes that we close this thread, pretend it never happened, and never talk about this again?

    • I vote that we get rid of the haters who cause problems for no reason, like FTB. People like that don't belong on a car blog. I still think the answer is an E36 though.

    • lol…now I have anonymous people having fictitious elections to revoke my non-existent membership—noooo!!!!

      In all seriousness, apologies to DT, vince, kaibeezy…..I let a rude poster get under my skin for taking swipes at yer site and then it really went downhill from there. Sorry for the distraction. Back to cars.

    • an ad hominem zing by anonymous! – if that don't take the cake! – FTB, K2, will you just hug now please – and everyone who's nonymous, please join me in celebrating the absurdity of anonymous's comment by letting this conversation go – let it go – let it go – don't hold it back anymooOOOooore – that's it – shhh now – shhhhh

    • When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger. – Epictetus (A.D. 55 – 135)

      What is with all the piling on in this thread? Join me and KBZ The fears that once controlled me, can't get to me at all…

    • Reading about your Audio 90 while listening to my 60s vintage Leak Audio Stereo 30 amp through mid-70s Irving M. "Bud" Fried say freed A2 speakers – yep Leak amp and Fried speakers – read all about it on the DT sister site, Daily Fortissimo

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