• KBZ-can't you do some photoshop magic on those blue labels. It looks like a brake booster on the right?
    With that black cover (firewall) and just a single visible shock/strut tower visible. It would suggest there is maybe another strut tower next two and behind that same firewall. With the Brake booster being visible, it suggests that this is the front of a vehicle with a very narrow track which has wheel intrusions into the driver's compartment.
    Or, its the rear section of a mid-engined car which is packaged so tightly, they had to put the brake booster in the rear, and this is an access cover behind the engine. (Not very likely)
    The battery disconnects suggest its not a track car. I want to say its something British from the 50's but EVERYTHING is wrong!! I want to say its a racecar, but it would have to be rear-engined and pancake…but EVERYTHING is wrong!!
    Including me, about everything I've pointed out…so just let the humiliation be complete by telling me what it is!!

  • Rats. Doctordel beat me to it.

    Looks like an engine compartment in a motorized vehicle? With an Interstate battery? And hinges?

    My completely wild guess is farm equipment, or something that's at home on the range.

    -Stan (who does not have the Jedi car ID skills possessed by some on these boards…)

    • Holy Crapola! You're incredible. At least now I know what those labels say. Looks like I was on the right track with a laid-down engine, I didn't realize those were so biased to one side. I'm very surprised it doesn't appear to have more front end overhang than this shot would suggest. Plus, its considerably more than our usual $15K price target.

    • With that HUGEEE clue. Here is the Lancia Fulvia on ebay


    • Hey Kaibeezy–I thought you were going to reveal how you did it?! Your post of the VIN was a huge treat but, how the heck did you figure it out??! It's not for me, but I'm sure it must be driving Stan crazy!

    • oh, hey, sorry, busy day

      ok, the rivets and hinges have a fastened-to-aluminum look about them, which CFlo corroborated – i had originally thought it was a clamshell hood, and agreed it was possibly a short production run or race car, which i would be unlikely to identify, so i passed

      with the third photo, it's clearly the back of the engine bay, not the front, which is more normal, so it's probably a production car – early 70s vibe

      what's aluminum alloy in the early 70s? – one of my favorites, the Fulvia Sport Zagato, but that's got a sideways hood – but i looked anyway, and there was the same hinge and rivet setup!

      check other Lancias – it's the Fulvia coupe! – can i get the exact car? – eBay – bada bing, there it is

  • Hah! I was right– it IS a piece of farm equipment!!!

    Lancia Fulva Farm Vehicle

    -Stan (who is trying hard not to gloat…)

    • Stan-did the VIN help you as much as it did me? I just copied the Vin from KBZ's comment and pasted in eBay! How'd you figure it?

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