• i think this one's too hard, Vince – i didn't even know what it was after i read the chrome lettering on the side of the car – i don't think i've ever even seen one before, neither in person nor a photo, and i've been to a fair few car shows here over the past couple of years – research shows it was a disappointing, brutish and short 4-year run, last gasp of an old-tech model

    couple of hints: i took the photos in the parking lot of my local shopping center, far northern UK – it was so nice to see a lovely old 70s car, with fine details like that beveled chrome on the grill and shouldered sheet metal around the headlight – the petite scale of it contrasted with the surrounding chunky mcblobmobiles everyone drives here because *modern* cheapest-of-the-cheap beancounter steel rusts out when it *sees* salt, like a fainting goat – the color isn't exactly black, nor dark gray, but a very dark greenish tint, gorgeous – the mirrors are mounted on the fenders, cool!

    any ideas?

  • Ugh!! I literally have a complete picture of this car in my head, but don't recall what it is. If memory serves, one was on the site not too long ago, no? I could be wrong on that, but damn it Jim…….!!!

  • Uncle.

    However in trolling these here internets looking for an answer (was thinking some oddball Gilbern or Reliant), I did come across the awesomely tame sounding Reliant Kitten.

    • Yep, Victor. But that one sure is derpy looking. Vince, would you post up the photos I sent? You'll see what I was on about with the proportions and all. Fun quiz! 🙂

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