• I'm going to guess it's an 80s GM A-body coupe. Maybe Olds Cutlass?

    I also suspect that the stripes are not really gold, that's just some evil trickery of yours.

    • Classic late 70's men's 'stash and perm look. Is it really a good idea to have the commercial end with a set of flashing emergency tail lights?

  • Are these even side stripes?

    Or have you done something really mischievous like take the stripes from the leading edge of the hood, around the headlights, and trimmed it unevenly on the sides with a fake door break to make it look like it might be side stripes?

  • With those proportions it's got to be something small with a short wheelbase.

    Was there ever a Shelby Pinto, Chevette SS, or Gremlin R/T?

  • C2 Corvette – flat arches, short overhangs – Trump's high school ride… I mean, car – he's 70, would have turned 18 in 1963

  • There is something about those stripes, the way they converge at the wheel wells instead of being parallel along the length of the car, which make me think it might be a dodge/chrysler/plymouth of some sort. Sort of like the 77-78 Dodge Colt, except the Colt's arches are not flat like these stripes would indicate.

    The 79-82 Dodge Omni 024 has the right wheel well shape, but I don't recall seeing one with a stripe package like this.

    That is, if it is meant to be side stripes, and not something like a rare stripe package for the Ford EXP that ran across the hood and over those square EXP headlights.

  • Here are my observations:

    – Definitely a two door pickup truck. Enlarge the picture and you can clearly see the door panel gaps and the cab/bed gap. The front of the truck is on the right side of the image.

    – Strong leaning towards a 1970s/1980s era vehicle because of the more square wheel openings.

    – Also, this is of an era with bolt-on bumpers because you can see the bumper outlines at both ends.

    – Strong leaning towards a domestic truck, or possibly a Japanese truck, because they were sticking decals and stripe kits on everything back then.

    – Dr. D is likely 100% right in guessing that the stripes are not really gold. Picture them in black or white and it's easier to get Hurst out of your head.

    – Notice the curves of the wheel openings. If you compare the two wheel openings, you'll see that the rear one is symmetrical but the front one has a sharper downwards curve and the stripe ends lower. Assuming that the stripes follow a body line or fender curve, this eliminates trucks with symmetrical front wheel openings.

    I've eliminated 70s Dodge and Chevy trucks because of the asymmetry scenario. Both of those have symmetrical front openings. It could be a Ford but I think the stripe wouldn't drop down so much at the front bumper area.

    But Dodge is so guilty of putting stripes on things. I wanted to go with something like an El Camino/Caballero, but there's no cab/bed separation on those.

    This one is making me MENTAL! I can picture it in my head but it's not materializing. Someone please get this soon so I can get some sleep.

  • Based on the wheel wells, my spidey sense tells me it's a 7th generation (1980–1986) Ford 150 pickup.

    Or… a mid- 80s Ford Bronco (since I have one back in the parking lot…)


    [image src=" image.fourwheeler.com/f/10709562+w186+h124+re0+cr1+ar0/0808or_11_z%2B1980_ford_bronco_under_cover_brothers%2Bexterior_side_view.jpg" width="400px"/].


  • 1977 Dodge Power Wagon. Here's the ad: ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Other-Pickups-W100-/131889464038?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1eb53982e6:g:u68AAOSww9VXhW~O&item=131889464038

  • Although looking again now, once I jumped over to Ebay to dig, the short bed criteria went away, as this truck is a long bed. And funny how the sun shining through the trees on the actual picture made the stripes in the original image we were given appear metallic. I had started the hunt looking for cars with double side moldings!

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