• No clue, but let's see here…seat contour and that far door panel look French, design and that seatbelt retractor look no newer than '80s, there's minimal drop from the doorsill to the floor…

  • Yep, Yugo. I'd remember that seat material from anywhere, and besides my old Isuzu Trooper (now there's an awesome vehicle I may get you guys to search for one day), I can't remember many cars from the 80's that didn't bother to put a full interior door panel in (see the exposed red paint at top of door—that probably saved $0.25 per car).

    • I had a refrigerator white '91S, which is a funny description because that's precisely how it handled. Then I upgraded to an Eddie Bauer Explorer, which handled just as bad. Those were wise purchases and I have a bridge for sale if you believe me. The Trooper, while admittedly utilitarian and full of charm, rusted instantly on the stupidly designed rear doors as the carpet disintegrated and the 2.6 four banger wheezed its' way down the road. The motor finally grew tired with existing and died. I patched it up and traded it in on a Subaru for my wife. And yet I still have a soft spot for Isuzu.

    • Maybe it's because I was in the Southeast (in a definitive non-salt-on-the-roads state), but my 1988 LS (in the awesome two-tone Blue/silver color scheme) was one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever had….yep, it was slow and noisy, but it was incredibly utilitarian…..one of the last of the true "function over form" vehicles IMHO.

  • My Dad replaced cars frequently, never asking me what I supposed. I was just a kid but I subscribed to car magazines. He was shocked when I told him a Yugo was a commie Fiat, when I came over and he had just bought one.

  • This discussion of Yugo gets me to thinking.

    Is it any wonder that a knock-off of a Fiat 127 made in the Soviet Bloc would turn out bad? There's no surprise there. But what about a modern, current car that's slow, not that well made, not that inexpensive of a proposition in every which way, terrible to drive, horrendously cramped and uncomfortable from a huge German manufacturer that's generally associated with luxury and quality (arguable, I know)?

    I would propose that the smart fortwo is the new Yugo. They couldn't even afford capitalization, for Christopher's sake…

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