• Back in the day Tom McCahill thought pretty highly of this thing. Frank Kurtis had his fingers in the layout, though that layout was a tricycle three-wheeler akin to the Reliants that Jeremy Clarkson so memorably tumbled.

    • "Look, you mugs, you manage a smile or I burn your paychecks right here. Got it?"

      Didn't know much of the history of this beyond reading the Tom McCahill road test fortysomething years ago, he was still writing for Mechanix Illustrated then (I was in junior high) and I went to some lengths (no 'net then) to find just about everything he'd written, and given that it was fortysomething years ago I've forgotten most of it.

      But Wikipedia now informs me that the guy who did this thing – after a couple years in jail for tax fraud connected to funding his car operation – went on to do carnival bumper-cars, which accounts for my memories of what they looked like.

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