• My spidey sense says some kind of kit car, ala Manx or something similar, from the 1970s/80s era.

    Guessing it's racing in open class. Looks like a Corvette Stingray front end behind it…

    -Stan (yeah… the *other* Stan…)

    • Found this while poking around… not the car, but the site is worth checking out, if you enjoy copies of classic older race cars:

      Fauxrarri P4


    • Trackage — you are correct, but it was listed as a 1960 Seiler Quicksilver in the Coronado Speed Fest literature. According to the owner, it was one of two built by an aircraft engineer in the Los Angeles area and raced until the 1980s. This one was found in a shed rotting away a few years ago and restored to its current greatness.

      Good job on the ID!

  • I was there on Sunday and watched this car run… errr… run away from the field. It was remarkable. It turned lap times on par with some of the open wheel cars (with downforce!). We happened to be sitting with the father of the cars owner and he was telling us a bit about it… a seriously low, small and lightweight car with the power to weight ratio of God.

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