• That's a Maserati Bi-turbo engine cover…..it's in mint, untouched condition because they never have to be removed because that powertrain is so bulletproof. They should be going for $50k+ now. 10/10.

  • I don't know because I'm busy looking at the new matchbox car in the header. I wish I had a matchbox car. Did I tell you the tale of how I grew up a poor African American child (not racist, a comedy classic reference, look it up) that had no matchbox car? Me and my dog named…

    • That's not a Matchbox, that is Corgi. It is #332 Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato. I know cuz I have teh same one!

      [img] vectis.co.uk/AuctionImages/363/5486_l.jpg [/img]

    • But not to seem insensitive to your deprived childhood, here is a kindred spirit to keep you company on your journey:


    • for you fanboys, details: that's my lancia, one of several i bought off ebay UK, had shipped to a friend there, and brought back in my suitcase – they can't be gotten for a reasonable price here, and the scruffy-but-not-tragic ones aren't "worth" the pricey shipping – i will, one day, drive, if not own, a medium blue lancia fulvia sport, or my name is not… whatever my name is – trivia: can you read the map?

    • I gotta admit, I thought you were talking about a real-sized, actual car there for just a moment. My mind was boggled which is certainly an easy thing to do. I cannot read the map as I am blind as well as mute, possibly a bit deaf, peg legged and my nickname is Lucky.

    • We done been duped! Why should our IPs be banned? DT's never been so lively! How come nobody ever listens to me? Conversation is a GOOD THING, PEOPLE! Otherwise, it's just tumbleweeds and dust storms; Deadsville, USA. Even an argument is better than nothing.

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