• Very nice coo-pay. But barring the engine itself, compare the engine bay shot (taken at approximately the same angle) to the photo above…

    • well, i didn't mean to imply it was the one – it just happened to be one i found while doing recon

      at the risk of revealing the shallow depths of my knowledge, why doesn't the whatsit car have an air cleaner?

    • That is a Mercedes diesel engine…but it isn't living in a 300D, Volvo 240 or G-Wagen…
      My money is on KBZ finding it….but this will stretch his car-search-fu.

    • ARGH I just checked completed listings and found it. Man I'm one step behind everyone today. Nice job. Back to "work". hah.+

    • Next task… finding it. Could be an XJ or an MJ… Checked ebay but might have missed it. No clue where to start on craigslist.

    • Hmm, I was wondering why there wasn't any linkage for the gas pedal / throttle / accelerator ( none of which really apply in this case ) and or whatever they call the "strangler" in places not in aller weldt

    • as a matter of fact, I don't see how the engine power is controlled and how the hell is someone supposed to shut the engine off other than stalling it?
      Reminds me of a 300d we had with no vacuum. Valet parking was a real hoot

      Me "Let me park it, you don't know how to shut it off"
      Lot attendant "Don't worry, I can drive anything.!"

      Two hours later return to the parking garage and the car is still running.

    • Hugh — many years ago I had a 300d auto that I would shove into drive and turn the key off to get it to slowly die. Turning off the 240d manual I had later was a much more violent procedure. In gear. Key off. Drop clutch.

    • Maybe Jeep builder guy just made his own mechanical throttle linkage coming up from below. If you did it right, you could rig the pedal to kill the engine if pulled up via toes jammed between pedal and floormat.

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